PHSP Vrdovo

Pumped-storage Hydropower Plant

The pumped-storage hydropower plant will be built in the area between the north side of the Peruća HPP and natural valley of Ravno Vrdovo. The particular value of this location, which makes it one of the most favourable in Croatia, lies in the existing Peruća reservoir and the relatively short distance from Ravno Vrdovo, the vicinity of the power system and a link to the EU electricity system, as well as the small distance from a large number of existing and planned wind and solar power installations.

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Pumped-storage hydropower plant with two generating sets

Installed capacity generators will be 2x270 MW in turbine mode (power generation) and 2x245MW in pumping mode (power storage)

Existing accumulation of Peruća HPP will be used as the lower pool while the upper reservoir will be built in the Ravno Vrdovo Valley, with an altitude difference of about 600 meters

The two reservoirs will be connected by a feed-drain and pressure tunnel

Engine room with the engine turbines and related electromechanical equipment will be located between the tunnel

Apart from the upper reservoir, all parts of Vrdovo PHSP will be built underground; link to the Hrvace switchyard via underground cable


A potential key impact of Vrdovo PHSP is reflected in the repurposing of part of the Ravno Vrdovo Valley from a mostly rocky and poorly cultivated area into body of water due to construction of the upper storage reservoir

This impact is analysed in detail in the EIA Study and measures have been devised for its elimination or reduction to an acceptable level, as well as program monitoring