CCGT Peruća

Combined cogeneration natural gas power plant

The natural gas power plant will be located on the right shore of the Peruća reservoir, about 500 meters upstream of the Peruća barrage, at the site of a former quarry. The value of this location is reflected in the vicinity of the reservoir and water needed for to cool the plant, the relatively short distance from the main pipeline which passes through Dugopolje, the similarly small distance from the largest installation in the transmission network in Dalmatia – Konjsko Substation, as well as the nearby high number of existing and planned solar and wind power installations.


Installed production capacity for 450 MW of electricity and 50 MW of thermal energy

Supply through the Hrvace 400/110 kV Substation and 2x400 Hrvace-Konjsko transmission line

Hrvace 400/110 kV Substation will be placed at the highest point

Natural gas as fuel, supply via Dugopolje-Peruća connecting pipeline

Water from Lake Peruća reservoir will be used for cooling

Plant efficiency is roughly 60 per cent, making it one of the most advanced technological solutions

Possible use of thermal energy in the wider area surrounding the Peruća CCGT to heat homes, greenhouses, factories and other facilities, such as those used for tourism


Due to the use of natural gas as a fuel and the cogeneration process which further exploits exhaust gases, this plant will have little impact on the environment and health

Most of the key potential impacts of the Peruća CCGT involve the landscape and are visual, as well as the water cooling and exhaust emissions. Each of these effects has been specifically analysed in the EIA Study, and environmental protection measures have been devised for their elimination or reduction to an acceptable level, as well as program monitoring