Transmission Line


The transmission line will start at the Hrvace Substation, and extend south-west to the Konjsko switchyard.

dalekovod Konjsko

25-kilometers long, power transmission from Hrvace to Konjsko Transformer Stations

Two 400 kV portable systems on the same poles, operating independently of each other, in order to ensure connection and operation of power transmission

22-m wide corridor for transmission line construction and maintenance, and 45 m wide in a smaller section

Switchyard will be located inside Peruća CCNGPP at the highest point and will allow connections to the Croatian electrical power system


Transmission line will mostly pass through a karst area covered with low vegetation and underbrush

In order to protect birds, the pole dimensions and spacing between conductors will be adapted, and visual warning markers will be installed

Switchyard may have a negative impact on birds due to the proximity of the ecological network vital for bird conservation on the Cetina River. This impact was thoroughly analysed in the EIA study and measures have been devised for its elimination or reduction to an acceptable level, with a monitoring program instituted